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Meet The Team

Lee Cleaves

Being a Financial Planner is a special profession. You get to know your clients very well and they often share with you their dreams, aspirations and fears. This enables me to help them achieve their goals and this brings me a lot of enjoyment and fulfilment. I specialise in the following areas:

- Pre and Post Retirement planning - Helping you understand how much money you need to accumulate in order to fulfil your retirement goals and not run out of money
- Inheritance Tax (IHT) and Estate Planning - Helping you mitigate IHT and providing a legacy for your loved ones
- Tax efficient investing - Helping you grow your capital tax efficiently in line with your aspirations for growth and income

When I am not operating Dad’s taxi for my two children, I enjoy watching the mighty Liverpool FC, cycling, gardening. I am a Rotarian and enjoy fundraising for local charities too.

Chartered Financial Planner

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