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Meet The Team

James Thomas

I enjoy meeting interesting people, finding out about their lives, and obtaining an understanding of what they want to achieve financially for themselves and their families. I can then support them on their journey from their current position to their desired position using my knowledge and expertise in Financial Planning.
I have tended to work with families assisting with planning across the generations, so I have developed a good knowledge of Inheritance Tax Planning and Trusts. I also work very closely with many business owners and directors so have a good knowledge and understanding of how a strong financial plan can both help them develop and achieve their exit strategy, while protecting their co workers and family in the interim.

Away from the office I am a sports fan, and I will watch or partake in any sport given half the chance! I am a Bath Rugby season ticket holder. Allegiance to Bath Rugby has been enforced upon my son and daughter from a young age. I also enjoy open water swimming, cycling, the occasional round of golf and walking with my wife and cocker spaniel.

Regional Director

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