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Financial Planning

One couple had become unsettled by the regular turnover of advisers and the inconsistency in advice received. Being fairly inexperienced investors and elderly they were very wary of the impact of the stock-market, the worrying economic news from the media and its knock on effect to their wealth.


Their monies were spread in many products that they could not properly monitor, with varying risks that did not suit their expectations and limited their income. It was a concern if either were to pass away that their finances would be left in “a mess”.


Their main aims were to maintain tax-efficiency in a relatively low risk environment and aide their family along the way, key objectives that seemed to have been overlooked by previous advisers. Their wealth was such that there was a substantial Inheritance tax (IHT) problem that had not been fully addressed.


We provided ongoing personal attention to their needs and objectives, then subsequently organised suitable investments meeting their risk level in fewer investments, IHT planning utilising a trust that would enable future generations to benefit and sufficient income source for them to enjoy their retirement.


Following the death of one party we engaged directly with the family members who were unaware of the extent of their parents wealth and offered ongoing support and assistance to the surviving spouse and family. This was gratefully received especially through the recent financial and economic crisis, ensuring that all parties were aware of their assets and how these will provide financial security for the rest of their life. It was sad to hear of the death of my client, but for the family to see the attention we gave to their parents over the years, they had the trust and peace of mind that we would be able to offer the same professional service to them and the next generation. To which they were happy to receive and continue to do so.

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